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Eco Ambassadors

Our motto: small steps for a big impact 

Who are we? 

We are the Eco Ambassadors of Warren Primary School. We are here to prevent climate change, help our planet tackle global warming and make our school more environmentally friendly. We work as a team to achieve our goals and have got to work hard. This will improve our planet's health; it will also help our environment in our school and will help global warming over time. Our role at Warren is to help our local area, provide advice and plant new bushes and trees and pick up litter. We have lots of ideas like holding an Eco poster competition. These would be put up around school to help change people's minds about pollution. We want to inspire people to help the environment here at our school and in the community that surrounds it. Like our motto says, we want to encourage people to take small steps to create a big impact on the planet's future!

We will be providing regular updates on the school website about the great work we are doing, so keep checking back here!


 Update: 12th June 2024

We have had our first few meetings and decided to focus on what we can do in our school and at home to reduce electricity and water usage. We have carried out some research in our club, and been working together to produce an assembly to inform both staff and pupils about what can be done that are small steps that can have a big impact.

We have also launched our school grounds clear-up each day on a rota. We will be sharing our findings with others soon too, so that we can try to encourage others to change their habits.

We plan to link up with some other schools in our Trust so that we can share ideas for the good of the planet.

Check back in a couple of weeks to see the hard work that we have been doing towards our assembly!