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Ofsted Reports

Warren Primary School was inspected in May 2023 as part of an ungraded inspection.

The key findings of the inspection are:  

Warren Primary School continues to be a good school.

  • “Pupils enjoy school.”
  • “They learn in a respectful, kind and calm place.”
  • “Relationships between everyone are positive and supportive. As a result, pupils feel listened to and cared about. Pupils appreciate, and follow, the school values; the ‘Warren way’.
  • “Teachers are confident to deliver the curriculum well because leaders invest in staff training and provide support.”
  • “The provision for pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) is a strength.”
  • “Children in the early years have a good start to their education.”
  • “Pupils listen carefully to their teachers. They behave well and work hard.”
  • “Trustees, local governors, trust staff and school leaders work effectively together to continually improve the school.”
  • “In a few subjects, leaders have not established clear approaches to how teachers check what pupils already know and can do. In these subjects, leaders’ curriculum thinking does not set out the precise knowledge that pupils need to remember, and teachers must assess. Leaders should ensure that teachers are clear about the knowledge pupils need to help them move to the next stage of their learning, so that pupils make the progress that they are capable of in all subjects." This objective refers to some foundation subjects e.g. art and was already included in the School Development Plan and action is being taken to address this.